EURASIA: geographical cross fades of art
MART Museum of Trento e Rovereto, 2008
Local & Craft
site specific project commissioned by the Mart

(...) The relationship between self and other, which came to the fore once again in the 1990s, emerges in today’s art in parallel with social problems; multiculturalism does not remain limited to the idea of co-existence between different cultures, but becomes an attempt to transform some values, such as the concept of authority and hierarchy and of calling into question Western cultural hegemony.
Local & Craft by Carola Spadoni is, in the first place, a ‘work of relationship with the world and with people’ which, using a highly personal language in which the frontier between cinema, video and documentary are continuously corroded, narrates the voyages amongst the women of Sewa in Ahmedabad in India. The erosion of the borders stretches beyond linguistic structures into a contamination between the personal and the social. The relationship between self and other is not only given to the personally objective gaze and vision of the artist, but also takes form in the mandala that C.S. builds, in putting together fragments, notes and even emotive stimuli of these journeys. (...)

From the text of Cecilia Casorati “Are we the revolution?”  in the catalog of the exhibition