Collateral: when Art looks at Cinema
Hangar Bicocca, Milan 2007
Live Through This
video installation commissioned by Netmage 06

A work on intensity, a necessary ingredient to feel alive.
The public at a concert and the lovers from the mythical desert scene in Zabriskie Point come together to convey a space on “live” as concept and social practice. Staying alive as a common physical experience, to let desire become visually concrete. Surprised, dusty, ecstatic, spilling sweat, dancing, attentive, hot, staring, jumping wildly and botox free individualities.

(...) “Why has cinema become so important in your research?
Through a film you can hear secrets that can never be told, you can watch a murder, understand unacceptable contradictions, share breaths, sighs and landscapes. Cinema is close, even closer than reality. In every work, I start from a cinematic vision, from the necessity to represent that which cannot be just written, or sung, or painted”. (...)

extract from the catalog, Collateral:when Art looks at Cinema, ed.Charta