50ª Biennale d’Arte di Venezia, Premio Giovane Arte Italiana 2003
Padiglione Venezia, Darc
a cinema mise en espace

(...) Carola Spadoni presents a mise en espace of cinema. For GOD is DEAD (2003, DVD, 7’, color, Dolby Surround) she has created a new frame  in 32:9. Shot in Super 35mm film, the frame has been divided in two 16:9 in post-production, then projected in it’s entirety in 32:9 onto two adjacent screens. The audio is in Dolby Surround.
The western mise en scene reveals a cowgirl bleeding while walking down a dirt road and attempting to take off her clothes. Under each garment there is another one.The installation focuses on the difficulties of change and the possibility of an exodus from roles and defintions too tight.

from the catalog, Premio Giovane Arte Italiana/Young Italian Art Award, Darc 2003