DIO è MORTO/GOD is DEAD a cinema mise en espace commissioned by the Young Italian Art Award
2 channels, super 35mm, 7min., dolby surround audio, dimensions variable

passages, western, cowgirl, blood…
GOD is DEAD is a staged a moment of passage. A narration that puts into focus the empty moments of silent actions.The main character being a cowgirl, a rugged woman that also entices fantasies.
What if the Cowgirl, as an icon, takes off from the western world?
An exodus from the west within the western genre. Away from the dusty action scenes, gunfights and wars of good and bad, of war and peace, profit and people, male and female, healthy and ill.
A passage that asks for the will to continue, to resist on the pathway, in spite of the blood spilt along the way. Repeating the act of undressing oneself of the clothes, of the layers, of what’s left in order to go forward and see the skin of matters and doubts.
If God is dead, and God has been dead, we can start to doubt again, even of ourselves, our beliefs, our roles, our given parameters.
The Western setting conveys an epic aurea, almost abstract in it’s universal imagery. It is also the preferred habitat of solitary characters.

the frame and the cinema’s mise en espace
A film photographed and edited to be projected in a horizontal extension.
My work AL Confine tra il Missouri e la Garbatella was a first attempt to widen the frame through the split screen. In Giravolte I used the width of the cinemascope to photograph extensive human panoramas, faces, hands, sweath and enviroments on the edge of daily routines in a metropoli. Dio e’ morto is a step further, the frame is conceived in a new format of 32:9. The screens at their angled horizontal extension get close to the spectator as the surround sound embraces the space. A mise en espace of cinema.

“Carola Spadoni presents a mise en espace of cinema. For GOD is DEAD (2003, DVD, 7’, color, Dolby Surround) she has created a new frame  in 32:9. Shot in Super 35mm film, the frame has been divided in two 16:9 in post-production, then projected in it’s entirety in 32:9 onto two adjacent screens. The audio is in Dolby Surround.
The western mise en scene reveals a cowgirl bleeding while walking down a dirt road and attempting to take off her clothes. Under each garment there is another one.The installation focuses on the difficulties of change and the possibility of an exodus from roles and defintions too tight.”
(from the catalog, Premio Giovane Arte Italiana/Young Italian Art Award 2003)

50ª Biennale d’Arte di Venezia, Young Italian Art Award, Padiglione Venezia, 2003