Life is beautiful
Fondazione Nicola Trussardi 2004

The Nicola Trussardi Foundation presents I NUOVI MOSTRI / Life is Beautiful: the youngest generation of Italian art spreads thousands of posters around the streets of Milan, from the center to the suburbs, in a kaleidoscopic occupation of the city's spaces.

I NUOVI MOSTRI is a peaceful invasion of posters, conceived by the youngest and most innovative artists of the Italian scene today, which will appear suddenly on the city's walls. The lost-in-time-and-space donkey by Paola Pivi; the western exoticism by Giuseppe Gabellone; the images of the Afghan- war by Massimo Grimaldi; the anxious female teenagers by Margherita Manzelli; and the surreal, rural fascination by Diego Perrone, among others, portray a country in continuous flux between its global ambitions and its permanent cultural roots.

I NUOVI MOSTRI brings to the city new rhythms and colors: it is a synthesis of the teen mania between rock and movie stars hung on the walls of a million untidy rooms, and the most sophisticate communication of today's advertisement. The posters of the I NUOVI MOSTRI appears on ordinary corners and lost streets, between shop windows and building sites: mixed with the urban landscape and the city's junk space contemporary art invades any possible spot.

Combining the raw power of student demonstration with the elegance of advertising campaigns, I NUOVI MOSTRI is a temporary collection of art en plein air, an anthology of views on Italy, and a handwritten graffiti stretched along the city of Milan. I NUOVI MOSTRI opens a new window on an old landscape. As an Italian comedy, it unveils the vices and virtues of the Belpaese.

The Nicola Trussardi Foundation - in continuous search of new occasions and methodologies to diffuse contemporary art - asked sixteen artists to rethink their work for drivers and pedestrians: with I NUOVI MOSTRI, the newest Italian art exposes itself to the merciless judgment of the urban pace.

I NUOVI MOSTRI is: Elisabetta Benassi, Simone Berti, Alex Cecchetti, Roberto Cuoghi, Giuseppe Gabellone, Piero Golia, Massimo Grimaldi, Margherita Manzelli, Gianni Motti, Adrian Paci, Diego Perrone, Alessandro Pessoli, Paola Pivi, Andrea Salvino, Carola Spadoni, Patrick Tuttofuoco.

A free magazine including all of I NUOVI MOSTRI images has been distributed at Fondazione Nicola Trussardi's office (Piazza della Scala, 5 - Milan) and it's now downloadable clicking on Publication in pdf. at www.fondazionenicolatrussardi.com