Al Confine tra il Missouri e la Garbatella/Freddy & Victor blind date 



Hi8, Dv, Super8, 30min., stereo

Freddy & Victor blind date, portrays the first meeting between a father and daughter. Shot in video and super 8 without a script and using only a true story as a starting point, the film has the actors

improvising on autobiographical elements. Federica the tomboy daughter is 19, Victor the father is 51. They have never seen each other before. She just begun to experiment with film and hangs out in squats in Rome and London. He is an actor and poet, lives in Rome and gets by doing "the least possible". She is left wing, he claims to be right wing. She enjoys going for walks, the thought of which gives him an headache. All they apparently have in common is their loyalty to the same socker team, the " magic " Roma. The original title " At the border between Missouri ( U.S. ) and la Garbatella "(a working class neighborhood in Rome) is an imaginary place, just perfect for such an encounter.

A meeting of the third kind delivered in a surreal roman slang.


Victor Cavallo and Carola Spadoni

produced by

Opencine Roma


credits and futher infos upon request