ossi d’eco/echo’s bones site specific video installation commissioned by Auditorium Parco della Musica

single channel, Dv, 6min.13sec., stereo+subwoofer, dimensions variable

A path within a disorientating landscape where the action is conveyed exclusively through the camera p.o.v traveling along horizons of stone and sky under a Mediterranean midday sun.
A point of view that traces a unique haptic trajectory through short canyons in the “Cretto di Gibellina” and wandering around an abandoned building in the outskirts of a sea town . The usual space-time categories cannot help us orientate ourselves in this landscape formed of foreshortenings, long shots, wind, vertigos and a premonitory red sign bearing the words “kill Time”. As the still shots of part of the landscape transform a path into a maze, so the circular movement observing the silent abandoned architecture cause everything to float in a hallucinatory, clear-cut suspence. Captured by this timeless yet familiar world we have the eerie sensation that it could endlessly envelop us – both spatially and temporally. The sign warns us of the enchantment underway edited as a self contained circle dizzying in the infinite loop.
In this work artist and filmmaker Carola Spadoni reduces image and audio to the bare bones, creating a spare vibrant narrative projected beyond the usual dichotomy of reality and representation, document and fiction: instead she constructs the narrative of a suspended world loaded with that “parallel unreality” so familiar to David Lynch’s atmospheres. A feeling intensified by the use of a 3 x 4 meters screen that opens up a disquieting window in the Auditorium.

Anna Cestelli Guidi

Artist’s Corner, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma, 2007