Live Through This video installation commissioned by Netmage 06
3 channels, Dv, 5min.40sec., stereo, dimensions variable

A work on intensity, a necessary ingredient to feel alive.
The public at a concert and the lovers from the mythical desert scene in Zabriskie Point come together to convey an alive and loud installation space, representing both a concept and a social practice. Staying alive as a common physical experience, to let desire become visually concrete. Surprised, dusty, ecstatic, spilling sweat, dancing, attentive, hot, staring, jumping wildly and botox free individualities.

The composition for this piece came out of our reactions to the images, when we play music we address individuals not people. In the video we saw two different souls that we named the red and the blu ones, in which the music would be perceived by individuals or masses of bodies. Music for us is an execution along with the negative meaning to it. This time was also about amplifying what was already in Carola’s mind.

As we received the musical execution by Zu pushing on the concept of intensity, we adjust the editing to allow more resonance for the composition.
Carola Spadoni

Netmage 2006
Collateral when Art looks at Cinema 2007