Giravolte/Freewheeling in Roma

Feature Film
cinemascope, 85 min., dolby stereo

A metropolitan adventure film through a shack under a bridge, a flea market, a night bar. Roma in our times. Victor Cavallo, nomad, roman, is the protagonist voyager.

At the shack under the Testaccio bridge four men are having lunch. They live there and Victor is their guest. The lunch is interrupted by two girls whom are camping near by and wake up after a night spent together. The girls then have to deal relentlessly with the five men, but their discussions finds an abrupt end when a young man is attempting suicide down by the river. One of the girls jumps in the water and confronts her peer after saving him.
In Porta Portese the vivid and sonorous twirls of the flea market host the adventures of our clients and vendors. Encounters of two women in their fifties whom are regular customers at down'n'dirty vendors, a thirty something square father struggling through the confusion to try to get good deals twenty years old girls squatters still waking up while selling comic books, a filmmaker in his sixties looking for censored short ends and obscure films (played by experimental italian filmmaker Alberto Grifi). Desires, delusions, deals and thoughts unfold within the flow of the market. In the meantime Victor gives out flyers of his campaign as candidate for the election of the city’s mayor. Poetic and sharp provocations involving Utopia, peripheral viewing and swimming pools are part of his political campaign.
In the night interior at the bar near by the Mercati Generali (wholesale food market) the usual clients drink into the same old night, and Victor is one of them. Confessions and resentments transpire until new clients come in,from a violoncello player to an odd american couple,and two well known market workers. The single stories interwine by misunderstandings and promises up, or down, to a tragicomic climax.
The city wakes up at dawn meanwhile Victor wanders away on the road again. Radio Vanishing Point is the custom made frequency of the film.

GIRAVOLTE  started almost by accident.
One night walking under the Testaccio bridge I came across this shack that looked very well mantained and with detailed decorations. Few days later I was visiting again looking to meet who was living there. Roman men, some for necessity some for choice.
Also a buzz about some characters and their stories had been following me for quite awhile, mostly because part of my life.
From the shack and the mental buzz I developed the movie.

The pre-production started based on a one page treatment.
During the casting I had very clear the situations, the characters and some of the dialogues even thought the plot still had to be defined. As I went forward I made the choice that the plot in this case wasn’t the biggest concern. We wrote the screenplay during preproduction and did re-writes during the shooting.
Much of the dialogues for the not professional actors came out of improvisational work and vice versa during rehearsals with the professional actors.

We shot in 3 intense weeks in the summer of 1998 and completed pick ups in the summer of 1999.
While we were shooting we went from moments of strong emotional intimacy under the bridge, to having to cope with the artful chaos of the flea market to recreating in the country side and during the day the torpid hang out of the city night bar.   

GIRAVOLTE is a metropolitan adventure movie in cinemascope.
It's an adventure beyond regular jobs, rent, cellular phones, cars and families.
An adventure through solitude, poetry, conflict, playful resistance and music.
Using the energy of peripheral viewing, like Duchamp suggested.
Victor Cavallo is the nomadic protagonist traveling into public/private spaces of displacement, where people sidestep the dogma of the global profit.Some of them surfers of the day or the night and others wrecked by this flux.
Radio Vanishing Point is the frequency created for the movie, among the waves it broadcasts moments of silence in homage to John Cage's 4'33'', preposterous reportages of style and fashion, dreamy and creepy news and the fantastic avdentures of Egidio the intrepid traveller.

To make GIRAVOLTE and to make films for me is to breath oxigen.
Also an action of resistance to the overwhelming diluted imagery of our panoptic society. Experimenting  an AlterActiveCinema that tends to short circuits our perception. Understanding representation to give back to reality it's original ambiguity and to suggest to people their identity of active and thinking spectators.

Carola Spadoni March 2000

Victor Cavallo, Raz Degan, Drena De Niro
produced by
Gianluca Arcopinto

cast, credits and further infos upon request